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About Us

Whiz Brands is an Australian brand development company which specialises in discovering
under-serviced or undiscovered segments (or appeals) in existing markets.  We achieve this through market research and making sure the idea has money-making potential… which leads to marketing strategies for product launch and lastly development of products to fulfil this requirement.

This has given us a consistently winning formula for uncovering the best money-making opportunities… which is to minimise your risk with an almost certain profit… with laser-precision accuracy.

How Whiz Brands Helps Its Clients Succeed…
Whiz Brands provides marketing and products on an exclusive basis to its clients… and we only sell to one customer in each market or territory so our clients can enjoy high profitability on our brands and products.

Whiz Brands effectively takes away all your marketing headaches.

So what makes Whiz Brands so different?  What truly separates Whiz Brands from everyone else is our concern for your profitability.  We don’t want you to be stuck with our products… products that don’t sell.  That’s why you’ll get products that are pre-packaged with marketing, distribution and merchandising strategies to ensure our products give you one of the highest rates of return.

At Whiz Brands we think of ourselves as an experimental laboratory, except in our case we’re experimenting with marketing.  So, our clients get the most thoroughly researched and market-tested marketing and products.

What Is Your Biggest Problem?
We know your biggest problem is getting products that don’t sell or not knowing which products will sell.  Here’s how Whiz Brands makes your life easier… Our market research, product development and marketing know-how means almost no risk for you when you buy our products.  Because we just don’t sell products, we sell marketing solutions.